ECG’s new meter changing procedures….if the person is not in, help yourself….

ECG are criminals. We know about the lights off, the tariff hikes without any improvements in conditions. However they have hit an all-time low and I am incandescent with rage right now.

Friday was a holiday, I was sitting in my front room watching the TV when the lights went out. So I go to switch on my generator. As I move to the back yard I notice that the street lights are on, and when I go out to the front I see that the neighbours have light. So I check my fuse box, nothing has been tripped. Then I go to the front of the house only to realise that my post-paid metre had been changed to a prepaid metre.

No big deal you might say, they are going through an exercise where they are changing all the metres to this nonsensical, thief of a metre. However, I didn’t know that my metre had been changed. I live alone, so who gave them access to the property. Unfortunately I did not get round to putting up electric fencing around my property (lack of funds) however I did change my doors and add extra bars to the windows. What I didn’t anticipate was that the ECG would be so low down and dirty that they would jump my wall to change the metre.

So I get on the phone to ECG and they tell me to get to the district office. This was Friday, there was one idiot at the front desk who failed to see the point that his officer had illegally entered my property to change the box. Like how freaking dare they. What was supposed to happen is that they would knock, I wasn’t there, so they would leave a note to come back later. How dare this inbred brazenly jump my wall and do what the hell he liked. Who knows what kind of bad minded person this animal was and who knows what he would be capable of next.

They kept asking me questions like, when did the person come to the house, like HELLOOO. Then I was told basically to F off and come back on Monday.

Having wasted my time at the district office, and to add insult to injury, I thought well it’s happened, I will deal with them on Monday but in the meantime I would put 40 cedis on the credit. Now I live in a little two bedroom house, even a family of 5 usually spend 50-70 cedis a month. My credit lasted a full 24 hours. While watching My Kitchen Rules, all of a sudden the lights go out once again.

So I get back onto the blower to find out what has happened. Even if I were to put 40 cedis in my generator it would last a day let alone power from the general switch board. I am received on the other end of the line by probably the slowest girl in the world. What was winding me up was she kept telling me that I had to go to the office on Monday and basically that I need to sit in darkness until Monday. Why is it this beast of an ECG officer entered my house illegally and not only that, gave me a faulty metre, yet I have to inconvenience myself, leave my job to go to a bunch of idiots who don’t even understand that Trespass is not only a criminal offence but gives rise to a civil suit also. Who don’t understand the gravity of this issue and who are going to waste my time asking me questions which will not solve my problem.

So the battle begins, I am 80 cedis down (I had to top up again, like something I really didn’t need this week) and who knows how long I will enjoy this basic necessity called electricity.

It is now Monday and after a heated argument with the district officer, he finally calmed down and said that he would investigate. A few hours later I get a phone call from a very sheepish sounding very guilty. I am assuming he has found the culprit as he said he wants to bring the whole team around to apologise. Like seriously…..

I just hope that they are ready for the response I will give them after I have accepted the apology. Although I have calmed down now, it doesn’t excuse the fact that some idiot decided he would enter my property without permission. Like sorry? I might as well ask the people who burgled me of most of my property and tell them to say sorry. I really don’t care if this is Ghana or Timbuktu, if you want to do something so bold, please except the consequences later when you get locked up or? I am sure if I was to have an illegal electric connection, sorry just wouldn’t cut it. So no, I am sorry, sorry that I am going to have to take this further, because I just can’t afford your simple Sorry.

I heard that the president recently sacked the head of ECG, what he needed to do was sack the lot of them because they are literally a bunch of criminals.

In Rawlings time, he rounded up all his enemies and well shot them, you may think it is barbaric, the longer I stay in Ghana the more I see that it is necessary. I really don’t understand how somebody thought it was better to break the law than to not reach his target. I hope that he is brought to justice before I get my hands on that person. I am a person who has let a lot of things go. I gave up on chasing the security company for the money they owed for the burglary. I worked 6 weeks for that so called Antal International/BJ Global recruitment (yes BJ, goes to show how classy an organization it is). Never saw a dime from that cowboy outfit. But this one, if I don’t get redemption, somebody is going to get hurt. I am woman, hear me roar as the song goes. Heads are definitely going to start rolling, because too many so called professional outfits have taken advantage of me, but this is definitely the straw that broke the camels back.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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6 Responses to ECG’s new meter changing procedures….if the person is not in, help yourself….

  1. Dee says:

    This is my Efia!!! Back in her stride!!! Watch out ECG!


  2. hakeem says:

    I can’t express how patiently I’ve been waiting for you to update your blog. You’re like the most interesting Ghanaian citizen. I certainly don’t wanna get you mad.
    Anyway, have you considered legal action against ECG?


  3. d says:

    You need a guard dog, that doesn’t bark but bites silently. Would have been hilarious to watch this thief jump the wall, start work and then get savaged; where could he have run to??? 🙂


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