The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited aka….The biggest joke of Ghana

So the ECG saga continues. It has now become the battle of David and Goliath, although I am yet to get a lawyer, I have no choice but to take this further.

It seems that the only compensation I will get otherwise is a “sorry”. I don’t know why I am surprised, although a big organization, let’s face it we are dealing with Ghanaians. Ghanaians who are corrupt (officials, the so-called prepaid meter, officers etc..), so why should I expect them to do the right thing.

On Monday I got a phone call from Ankoma, the district manager, after investigating they realised that someone from their office indeed took it upon himself to just let himself onto my property. What I don’t get is why, if you are going to do a job for someone and the person is not in, you will get paid in any event, so unless it was to see how easy it was to rob me, why jump my wall.

Well anyway, Ankoma says that he will come over to my house after work with the team to apologise. Eight hours later I am calling him to tell him that I was on my way home and I hear him scratching his head. Basically the lazy git wanted to go home so rescheduled for Saturday.

After ignoring my first two calls and finally picks up. I have to say his customer service skills are impeccable (NOT!). When he answered, I told him my name, and said that I was the lady who he had spoken to earlier, and then he snapped “I speak to a lot of people throughout the day, who is this”. It was only when I said I was the one who his boys trespassed my property that his voice became softer.

After apologising again for the incident and rescheduling, he then went on the charm offensive. He said that I should take it like a brother who had done something bad and just forgive. Although I had a case he said, he then went on to ramble on for a good few minutes. Basically, he didn’t want to be held accountable and it was likely that he could lose his job over the matter, as this was under his jurisdiction. I too apologised, that is for having to do what I am going to do next. He tried to appeal to my compassionate side, well sorry, that went out the window about a week after I moved to Ghana.

I did think about just excepting the apology, for a second that is, but these are the top 5 reasons why I can’t in all honesty do that:

  1. What this inbred did was a crime, if you step on somebody’s toe by accident, then I can say accept an apology, but a calculated move like that which you know is wrong and against the law, sorry, who knows what this person can do next.
  1. Had I gone and tapped my electricity that is got it from an illegal source, would ECG accept a sorry from me. I would have the full arm of the law on me to pay for my crime and pay a very steep fine.
  1. There was no brother or sister looking out for me when I was sitting in a house without electricity for almost 24 hours
  1. These prepad meters have been forced on the general public because the revenue collectors are too lazy to do the job they are paid to do, which is recoup from those who default.
  1. The sorry only came about because I made noise about it. To this day I haven’t heard from Ankoma, Samson or any of those bozo’s from Legon ECG

This issue with the ECG is very common with the people of Ghana. They do wrong and they expect to just get away with a slap on the wrist. When they get caught out they remember that they are people of Christ, they have families, and they expect you to have compassion. Why is it that I don’t go break into people’s houses, steal from people or commit criminal offences willy nilly. Think about this; don’t commit an offence in the first place.

Did this boy feel that he works for ECG so he is above the law, or is he just stupid, I don’t know, but what I do know is that he is a danger to his company and the nation of Ghana, so sorry just isn’t going to cut it. Had you done your job in the right way, this wouldn’t have come to this.

I fell over the other day, tripped on some rubble and went down. Thankfully I got away with a split lip and a twisted ankle, however what got me is that people just stood staring at me like they were watching TV. This is what Ghana has become. A bunch of greedy people who want help when they need you, but fall down and they literally just look on. What happened to that caring nation where it took a village to take care of a child? They became a bunch of greedy bastards who look after number one even if it means stripping somebody else of their dignity and hard earned possessions that’s what.

So right now, I need a lawyer, preferably one who is willing to take the case on a no win no fee basis. I also need a journalist, preferably one at the BBC or BBC Africa and then I need the will to live because really, I am still in shock. I am more so shocked that all they expect me to do is roll over and just except sorry.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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4 Responses to The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited aka….The biggest joke of Ghana

  1. blackcricket says:

    I went to the ECG website and there’s a Complaints Handling page. I would use every form of making a complaint possible on that page.


  2. Dee says:

    So sorry this is happening. The buck has to stop somewhere, and I know you will do what’s needed


  3. efiasworld says:

    Thanks for the tip…will start there and see how it goes…in the meantime, if you know any good lawyers and/or journalists…:)


  4. obibinictrl says:

    Failure to follow through will amount to abetting down the line. Be a good citizen for Ghana, and all those who do not have the will to fight back.


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