Happy New Year

This is the first of a trilogy of articles, marking the end of my year and my decision for the future. I know sometimes I go into too much detail into my life, I have been told that I can be controversial, but this has always been my outlet where I can share my feelings. This is where my sometimes dull and ordinary existence allows me to be extraordinary and creative. Although I don’t know most of you on by face, I have embraced your comments and your feedback in the same way I would my closest and dearest friends.

First of all I want to wish you a happy new year, a week in and I am hoping that even if it hasn’t started off on the right footing, we will all be able to find our feet and dance down 2015 to the rhythm of good vibes.
I had decided that chasing after the ECG was going to prove futile, the district manager span me a yarn that the estate officer had allowed them to enter my property. I don’t know how they managed to obtain the key to a padlock I bought but that was the lie they were sticking by and this is a country where without links you are kind of up shits creek without a paddle. All I could do know was beef up security and invest in solar panels so I am not so dependent on the national grid.

ECG though was not finished with me it seems. One afternoon shortly after the turn of the New Year I got a knock on my gate. In fact it was a crash on my gate with what sounded like an animal hounding “agooo”. I am not one for opening the gate to strangers so I ignored them in the hopes that these noisy fools would pass on by. So I am looking out of the window and I see a man in a blue coat with a ladder passing by to the house next door. So I hung around the back, something in me thought that I would wait just in case.

Eventually, they left but not for long, the noise became louder and I am like WTF do these people want and came out from the back ready to fight with whoever this inbred was. I guess the old man was just as riled up, and he shouted something at me in Ga, and then demanded I open the gate. Well child, let me tell you, red rag and bull. I am like who the hell is this idiot and who did he think he was demanding. Eventually after a lot of insults (from both sides), he tells me that he is here to check on the meter and he can see that it has been tampered with. Then he reminded me that the box was for the government. So I told him that this is my property and he had no right in the first place to enter it. Then he said that “a mistake had been made”, but that was not the point. Really, that was not the point, like I could have put my hand around his bear neck. After a lot of back and forth, I told him, that if they wanted to check on their meter, by all means, they should enter the same way they did the first time.

“This is not America….., or Britain, I will cut you off from the top” the man says while another guy is accusing me of getting someone to tamper with the meter. Like I have that much time, but anyway, they said they will be back, and I said by all means, and they should bring the police so that we can find out which criminal entered my property without my permission.

So, I probably shouldn’t have got mad, should have let them do their job, but I am getting kind of pissed off with the people of Ghana, not doing the right thing, I am doing the right thing (actually paying for the electricity) and now what, they feel that I am paying too little so are coming to cause me more damage. I don’t think so.

In the meantime, I am being terrorised by ECG, have about 90 cedis on the meter, it is not like I am using the electricity for free that they can cut me off for no reason (I hope), but if they do, I will deal with them, I have no choice but to. Happy New Year!!!

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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2 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Danyl Oppong says:

    SMH….what a country…my people would just peel the skin out of your body…my best way now to accept things the way they are without questioning much…because sa na obia y3 no


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