I’m back Back (but not for good)

I was thinking about starting a new blog, but I think I will stay on this one because I know that my London “trip” will be a temporary one. Whether it be six weeks or six months, I know that I am in the body of a woman born in Ghana because this cold weather is killing me.

For those that I wasn’t able to say goodbye to, please forgive me, I am terrible at saying goodbye and it was awful telling those that are in my family that I was leaving so I would have been a blubbering mess before I got to Kotoka if I had spoken to you all.

So what happens now, well my main priority is my house, now that I will be paid in the great old British Pound it should be easier to save up enough money to clear off that debt and live in the lifestyle of DSTv for a while. Then I need to start a business, my problem is and always has been that I am way too big for my size 6 shoes and I don’t think that coming to work for someone here is going to dim that flame. Luckily I am in a country that is 5million years ahead of the country I have lived in for 6 years, so I am going to be looking into ways of entering the Ghanaian marketing which is innovative and cost effective but yield a profitable return. Something that will appeal to the East Legoners and even if I end up being a salaried worker, I can have a “bit on the side” in terms of cash flow.

In the meantime, I am braving the -1 degree Celsius cold in the hopes that I can find a job to get me going, word to the wise, if you are thinking of coming back home, don’t come back during the coldest days of the year. It’s about to snow here and even with the 10 layers of clothes that I am wearing, I still feel like a block of ice.

To all the people I am yet to say hello to, I will be in touch, just readjusting my body clock, it took me 24 hours just to open my laptop so I am sure that by the end of the week my blue blood will turn a shade of red and I can think clearly enough to have a coherent conversation with you (at the moment all I can think of is how cold you are).

So unless I get that book deal and that interview with Oprah which takes said book to great heights, I will be here, thinking and planning and hopefully working, and blogging and keeping you up to date with my progress. The one saving grace is unlimited broadband so I can write to my hearts content. The one silver lining in this very grey cloud.

Thank you all for continuing to read and support me through all my decisions and will speak to you soon.

A special shout out to my friend “TheOnlyWayIsGhana” doing it for us expat girls, I hope that we meet one sunny day in Accra very soon. To D, my greatest supporter in Accra, it is your pearls of wisdom that have kept me going and when I make it big you will be my PR manager…haha, my girls P and E, will be in touch soon, a date with starbucks very soon. And T, my burning flame, until the day we meet over a tall glass of Choice, it’s you I will miss the most while I am away.

Nothing left to say right now apart from “I need a heater”, so until the next time….

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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2 Responses to I’m back Back (but not for good)

  1. Dee says:

    Take goooood care of yourself😩😩. I’ll see you very soon. Come back bigger and better than before. You can do it!!!!
    Lots and lots of love. Dee


  2. This is sad yet empowering to read, maybe this is because I have got Mary j Blige’s song – living Proof playing in the background. Its so fitting for your post, she says: Nothing about my life’s been easy, but nothing’s gona keep me down. Coz I know a lot more today than I knew yesterday, so I’m ready to carry on’ and yes, YOU will be the living proof of this! I wish you every Success in achieving what you need in order to come back and Give Ghana another shot. Thanks for the shoutout, It’s the biggest shame we didn’t get to meet before you left but God willing I will be in London Town in the summer, so hopefully we can hook up then. Until then keep in touch and keep enlightening the world with your journey x


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