1st half review

It’s almost getting to the end of the year and I have been thinking about a few comments that people have made asking why do I miss Ghana and why would I want to go back. So I put down a list of pros and cons. This is just my feeling because of my experience. So first to the negatives:

• UK is cold, the weather is cold, the houses are cold, and the people are cold. It’s just cold

• Gas bills are so high that we don’t put the heating on

• Women are either passive aggressive bitches or overt bitches, either way we are bitches

• Men (except when you are dating) are not complicated people to work with, which is why I like working with them

• The females that I get on well with are those with a diverse cultural background, maybe because they have similar experiences to me

• I have grown rather ghetto in my old age, it must have come from those 4 years I spent in Camberwell (oh yeah, she went there)

• Taxes are way to high

• I live for the weekend, but by the time it comes around, I am too shattered to do anything

• I wonder how some of my colleagues live because every day I see a sink full of cups (even though there is a dish washer) and the milk is always left out. Put it in the fridge for heaven’s sake

• Regardless of the Smother’s big dream, I could never date let alone marry and English man (she keep’s telling me that she wouldn’t mind EVEN IF I married one)

• Ghanaians work way too hard in the multinationals. In my workplace, nobody will go out of their way of doing anything outside their remit. You will be even lucky if they give you the contact of who you can ask

• Whereas Ghanaians are status driven, the English have this attitude that “I don’t care who you are, you must earn MY respect”, so nobody ends up respecting anyone

• A Nigerian lecturer of mine told me that he prefers his people, whereas an English man will stab you in the back, at least they will stab you in the front so you can see them coming. I think it sums up what I think about some of the people that I work with.

On a positive note:

• On a I do love a good supermarket deal, at least I am not spending £100 on two items

• I have constant electricity

• My Wifi is unlimited and the monthly fee is not too bad

• I have some good friends around me

• I get paid at the end of the month

• Directors in Ghana have it good, most have an assistant, here they get their own printer, but that’s about it, they have to make their own tea, drive their own car, no driver. A positive, because nobody has a false sense of superiority

• I do actually like the job (although I wish a few people would get lost on the way to work….permanently).

Oh well, you can’t have it all…

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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