Ghana does Xfactor

A couple of months ago, just before the TV talent show started, my aunt and I joked that we needed to see some hip life artistes auditioning. Well I don’t know if it was God or we have the gift of prophecy, but enter Reggie and Bollie, the group that have divided the whole Ghanaian society in the UK. One half are full on rooting for them to win, the other half are rolling their eyes but we are all united in our support for these boys and hoping them real success.

In their introduction, they claimed that they had relative success in Ghana but wanted to take their career to the next level. At first I was thinking “relative success, never heard of you”, that was until I read a blog from my sistren from theonlywayisghana. I believe it is Reggie who sung “Virgin” while Bollie did “you may kiss the bride” or the other way around, I know the songs but never knew it was them. Then to be fair, Shata Wale could be standing in front of me and I wouldn’t know it.

Their vocals: Well you wouldn’t catch them singing a rendition of Pavarotti’s Nessun Dorma, but that’s not what they are about but they do bring the entertainment factor. What they do every week is bring out songs that just make you want to dance and hey isn’t that what our music is all about. People are predicting they could make it all the way to the finals. A few weeks ago, I would have laughed but now it doesn’t seem like such a foreign idea to me.

However, and you know that with me there is always a but, as I said before some of us are just rolling our eyes. It is not that we are being unsupportive, I would say more protective.

Every year on this talent show, there is always an act that you wonder how they got through, they have no talent and they seem to just be the joke of the show. The viewing public is entertained by how nonsensical they are, if they are lucky they are a one hit wonder afterwards, or they go on another show such as Celebrity Big Brother, then that’s it. Never to be seen or heard of again until they are doing one of those “where are they now” shows.

From listening to their music in the genre of hip life or Afrobeats, these guys actually do have some talent, and they come across as two of the nicest guys. So they say “innit” and “bruv” a lot, my hackney family have a cockney/Ghanaian accent, (too weird to even try and describe), but I love them anyway.

Well I wish them the best of luck, not just in the competition but also for the rest of their careers. When you love what you are doing it doesn’t seem like work and I am all for one following their passion. I just pray that they are not added to the novelty act pile because they are my people so it will hurt me like it was one of my own. What can I say…..all the best boys

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2 Responses to Ghana does Xfactor

  1. rita says:

    heya! Hope all is well. I’ve been waiting for new posts. Yea when my cousin posted support Boli, I’m like you may kiss the bride boli?


  2. efiasworld says:

    Hiya…the people of UK are not as “colourful” as my people in Ghana so a bit dry on material, but will try to update as regularly as I can x


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