Having your cake and eating it too

The reputation of the black man is that he is a cheater. Not only does he want to have his cake and eat it, but he also wants to take a bit out of every piece of cake in the bakery shop.

My auntie, just before I came back to London told me that “it wouldn’t be bad if I found a nice white man”. Her friend’s daughter who was similar to my age had found a nice white man and they were blissfully happy. For me personally, it is a matter of preference, I think Ebony and Ivory can live together in perfect harmony, just not on my piano keyboard though. Tried it once when I was 15 for a few weeks and it wasn’t really my thing so haven’t been there since.

I think that in love (which a very minute part of me somehow still believes in), it’s all a matter of luck. I don’t think one race has the monopoly over love and romance, they just have it or they don’t. A cheat, is also a cheat, and if they can have their cake and eat it, they won’t hesitate for a moment.

Take Mr C for example. I met him on Linkedin about 6 months ago. Linkedin is probably the only social networking tool that I use these days because the premise is that you meet professionals (although you do get the one or two that think it is Tinder or Match.com).

Mr C was working in Ghana and was from Newcastle, so I thought, good contact to have just in case I need someone who knows someone who can get me a job when I come back, or show me the expat trail.

Mr C however had other ideas and after a couple of chats I just decided to leave it alone.

Last night, I was doing a bit of random research on why people move to Ghana. Not for any specific purpose, let’s just say the spirit moved me. As I was reading through I saw a picture of a white man holding onto a very cute black woman. I looked at the name, it looked like Mr C. He was also from Newcastle, and was working in Ghana. Apparently he had gone bankrupt and used the little money he had to go to Ghana, met his “princess” and she was having his baby. This was in 2013.

So I checked my email, although what this Mr C told me sounded like him, he omitted the whole wife, baby and the rest. I couldn’t find the email at first because he had locked his account to private, but the name was still there glaring at me. That’s when I had to laugh at the whole thing and realised that there are some bum white guys out there too.

So as I said in the beginning it’s all luck, so on our journey to find that elusive one, whether he be white, black, yellow or blue, you just have to put it in prayer that your guy is satisfied with the cake he has.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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