Merry 2017

It’s rather late, but happy new year one and all (better late than never).

This year I am saying goodbye to my 30’s so I have started to write my bucket list which doubles up as my new year’s resolutions (whichever comes first). As this is a two for one, I am not going with the little resolutions, lose weight, and give up on the wine (haha). No this is about thinking big.

First on my list is to meet the President of Ghana. Yes I said it and I have put it out there in the universe, and probably the easiest on my list.

I am going to get married, I have sat at too many weddings, smiled, cried (tears of joy, well half anyway) and spent money I don’t have on clothes, bags, shoes, gifts, it’s about time people do this for me. Only one problem, the guy is not available yet, but last I checked, God is still in the miracle business so I am keeping the faith.

Which leads me to the next on list. The baby making opportunity has moved on from slim but not exactly none, and no, I am not going to go out and have a baby just for the sakes of having one, I could have done that at 16. If I don’t get married, then I don’t have babies, I am fine with that, smother on the other hand, I can’t speak for her, but I set my bar and I am not lowering it.

Last on my list (for now), is that I cannot spend another winter in this cold. It is minus degrees at the moment and predicted snow. It’s been in the works ever since I got back, but at the same time, I have been building my experience in supply chain (which is going quite well if I ignore my boss). Time to start putting plans into action.

I also plan to write my memoirs, not because I am looking for a New York Times bestseller, but because my memory is shocking. I don’t know if I think about too much at the same time, or it is old age, but I need some type of reference

These are my starting points, I am sure I will add or subtract as the year goes on, I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself, but it’s not impossible.

I hope everyone has a fantastic new year filled with many, many blessings.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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1 Response to Merry 2017

  1. seth says:

    Hi Efia, I have been binging on your blog for about six months now but haven’t commented yet. You write very well and I do hope that you are able to publish your memoirs.
    Of all your goals for this year the one you can easily achieve is meeting the President of Ghana. Since you have some connections with the ruling party in Ghana achieving that ambition should be relatively easy.
    With your aim of noting spending another winter in this cold I think you will be better off saving money and starting your own business so that even if you have a paid employment you have a business on this side that can give you supplementary income. As for your desire to get married this year thats a bingo since you don’t have anybody in mind, unless you are keeping him secret until you are sure he is the one. But like you said God is still in the business of making miracles so thats possible. Wishing you all the best.


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