A run of bad luck with British Airways

I recently went to Ghana, it was a quick dash and was a “blink and you miss it” kind of trip (apologies to all the people I didn’t call/catch up with). I got a good deal with British Airways which cost slightly more than my usual KLM. I had no issues with my luggage (even check in was surprised), no major delays but that’s really where my love affair with BA ends.

My first run of bad luck was when I tried to change my seat to an aisle seat. For whatever reason, I thought I clicked the button to confirm but I didn’t. I ended up in the middle, between a lactating mother and child and some army dude who I honestly believe was going to Ghana for a jolly. I had a little chat with the guy and he was being put up at Labadi beach hotel and was supposed to be doing some kind of training although he didn’t know what. Not a bad gig if you can have it.

The lactating mother, she was nice and the baby well as babies are they cry when they need to be fed or changed, I can’t hate on that but I didn’t get my usual nap as I had to get up for them to pass, move to the side while she breastfed and at points hold the baby while she got stuff out of the bag. Honestly, I didn’t mind that much but I think BA could have put her on one of the front rows for her convenience more than anyone else.

So I have settled down as much as I could do when dinner comes round, the choices are chicken or vegetarian. Now this is a flight going to Africa, some people don’t even eat vegetables let alone eat a vegetarian meal. Normally I would have pre-ordered the healthy option but thought I would take the chance. It gets to my row. Out of chicken. By this time I was like enough is enough, it sounds trivial but you can’t mess with a black woman and her chicken. What made it worse is the attendant placed the tray on my table, no apologies, just “we’re out of chicken”. I told her that I wouldn’t eat then and gave mine to the lady next to me and refused to eat. Lo and behold, she managed to get a chicken meal from business class (don’t mess with a girl and her chicken).

On the way back, I paid for a comfy seat at the front, unfortunately I was a bit too comfortable and fell asleep shortly after take-off (I had crammed a month’s worth of activities into 8 days), when I woke up it was 4am and I was hungry. On my last flight on BA many years ago, I fell asleep and the attendant woke me up, I think before they did that to make sure you are not a stuffer and swallower, but I don’t know if the rules had changed. Now granted, it was a long time after dinner was served, but you would think I would get a sandwich or something. She chucked a breakfast bar in my direction and walked away.

Since I returned I have made a complaint, in return I got a scripted very insincere apology. So what’s a girl to do, I may have to transit at Amsterdam but whilst I am still young to walk around without much hassle to the body, I will be taking KLM in future. I don’t know if it’s because it was a flight to an African country or I was unfortunate (twice), but not a fan of British Airways. I would even patronise a Ghanaian owned airline but we don’t have one.

Bring back Virgin Airlines to Ghana.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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2 Responses to A run of bad luck with British Airways

  1. d says:

    It would be preferable to see a “bring back” to Nkrumah pan-Africanism. In this case, forget petty colonial legacy “nationalism” and the collective formation of regional airline services: ecowas air, sadc air, etc.. However, everywhere you look, the African is weak at collaboration


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