Efia on the Ghana High Commission

Last month, I had a meeting with the president. Well me and a couple of hundred other people. It was an interesting experience and hope to have time to send out that blog later.

One of his points was on the one factory, one district and he also touched briefly on those of us in the diaspora moving home. Both of which are topics close to my heart, I have been working in Supply Chain for about 10 years now and certain events in life have made me wonder if it’s God’s way of telling me to go back now. In saying that, especially as I get older, I don’t have the heart to hustle the way I did the last time so I am going to have to plan this well.

So, I thought to myself, why not try the Ghana High Commission. I checked online and there was a number for a number and there it was, a number for the education and recruitment section, winning. I rang the number, and someone actually answered, double winning, alas this story only goes one way, down.

The lady answers the phone “hello”, I counted to 10 before asking if it was the education and recruitment department of the high commission. She said “yes”. I could tell that this was going to be like pulling teeth but I’m 40 now and reverted back to the calmer person that I was in my twenties. I introduced myself gave my history and asked if she could give me some advice as to what channels to finding a job in Ghana. “Madam”, she said “I would advise you to use the same channels you used the first time”. She did go on to say that I should check out the Public Service Commission site, but to be honest, they rarely contact them. So I asked about the one factory one district, we engaged in a little small talk, but she didn’t know much about that either. Now while I understand that this is still in its infancy so she wouldn’t know much but from talking to her, I am not even sure she cares much about the manifest of the new government. For her, she was just doing her job, whatever that is.

So the last topic on my agenda was on their events. I have to say, apart from Star 100 I am quite out of touch with any type of Ghanaian Diaspora events. So I asked her if there was some type of mailing list, she gave me her email address and she was nice enough to ask me to attach my CV. I did so straight after the call, I didn’t get an acknowledgement back that it was received so who knows.

I went on the public services commission site, at first a “404 forbidden” came up, a week later it was up and running but the one job advertised had a closing date of February 2017. I guess I should be grateful that there was a post in this year (there was a job advertised on Linked in with a closing date of March 2014).

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3 Responses to Efia on the Ghana High Commission

  1. blackcricket says:

    You know, since the new government has come in I do sense this slight push towards government websites getting updated and with more up to date information. Ghana Police website is being worked on. I used to send comments and never get a response or returned email, etc. Now I’m getting replies, some from humans and others are auto generated which is okay. Hope this trend continues.

    I sometimes wonder if part of the problem is that these sites are rarely visited or just another way to make you have to call and interact with someone in order to “help” you.


  2. Seth says:

    May be the trade attache would have been the best department to have spoken to. They normally deal with investors who want to go and invest in Ghana and will be more abreast with the one district one factory project. The will probably be more in touch with job opportunities in Ghana but to be honest since the change in government a lot of Ghanaians in the diaspora have gone back to Ghana to look for job. So you may have to rely on some of your contacts to get a job. Better still if you can apply for a job to some of these multinational companies as an expatriate then you will have a better bargaining power than going to look for a job whilst in Ghana. Good luck.


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