Church Matters again

Contrary to my very opinionated blog persona, in real life I am actually quite shy. I don’t make friends that easily but the ones I do become like family to me. I usually go with their spirit, if I feel a positive vibe, I will come out of my shell and I am getting better at being a bit more open in my old age.

It’s the good vibe that I got from the church that keeps me going. Ok, so there is that one guy that every time he stands at the pulpit I am expecting to ask us to part with our cash. There’s also the couple that come across as a bit fake nice, but working in the places I have worked, you learn how to do the fake niceties back. For the most part, it’s a humble church and I give what I can from my heart and nobody judges you by what you wear, where you work, or what’s in your pocket (although they do go on about the whole alcohol thing and I can’t give up the odd glass of wine after work).

There is one particular person at my church that my spirit never took to. Not even to make nice. She doesn’t come to church that often but when she does she makes out that she is doing us a favour because she can go to her local church if she wants to. I have never confronted her about anything because that’s not my style she has every right to be the snobbish person she wants to be and I in turn have every right not to be in her presence. However, she did tread on my toes recently and I was forced to step back.

I have one job to do at church and that’s to read the announcements. I inherited a template but adapted it to words that I could confidently read out in church (you know Ghanaians, why use 2 words when you can use 10). I am not sure if anyone actually listens but that’s my contribution to doing God’s work.

My Pastor asked her to help out with the church, the aim is to make it more professional. Now I know that it was all done with good intentions, and she tried her best, I also know the congregation and it’s a small group, most of whom are doing shift work, and they weren’t buying what this girl was selling. I am all for change for the better and did my part whatever information she needed I did the best that I could. She asked me for my announcement template, I sent it to her, we were cool.

Our issue started when I travelled to Ghana. I emailed her the last announcement and as she was appointed the overall leader, asked her to get someone to read it out while I was away. I didn’t ask her to amend it, just add whatever announcements needed to be read out.

So I am at the airport, on my way to Ghana, haven’t even left the country when I check my email. This chick has sent a “new template”, apparently after discussions (with who, to this day I don’t know) and she sends over this brand new template. It was practically a book and well I am not a literary genius, grammar is not on point, but English is still my first language so if there were any changes to be made surely it should be from the person that reads the words out every Sunday.

While I was in Ghana, I let the Lord fight my battle, when I say the Lord, I mean one of the ladies that was on the email chain. I think she gave not only the girl but Pastor what for. Me, well after days of stewing I just decided to gently resign, a simple thanks for the opportunity but I would like someone else to take the mantle.

Fast forward to when I came back, and Pastor pulled me aside to ask me what happened, I was like, the girl said after consultation with YOU, this is the new template. From what I gathered, just like when I stand at the pulpit every Sunday, he wasn’t listening and she took that as the green light to do what she did.

Now, this is the reason why I don’t get this girl, it’s a trivial matter in the grand scheme of things but be bold enough to say, yes I did this, and this is the reason why. It may be a coincidence, but I have not seen her since the Sunday before I left in May. She hasn’t been back to church since, we’re almost in September. This is the reason why I have to follow my gut.

So anyway, all is restored in this world, normal services have resumed and I am back on Sunday reading my template to people who are probably not listening, but hey ho, that’s what I was asked to do and that’s what I do.

Who said that politics was only reserved for the office.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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1 Response to Church Matters again

  1. Vida says:

    Well done. Sometimes you have to do what needs doing. Kudos to you.


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