Vision 2018

Hey guys, it’s been a while. Happy new year.

It’s supposed to be spring and there was a glimpse of it over the weekend, but that’s all folks, I am still in my winter coat and my thick jumper and it looks (and feels like it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better).

In the meantime I have been getting my social life on, doing the whole mind body and spirit thing, going to empowerment engagements and generally getting my mind right before I start on the job search trail again.

The first thing I did at the end of last year was to set up a vision board (shout out to my girl Fran for organising the women of vision event). It is basically a board which sets up all your planned activities for the year with some motivational quotes mixed in and the idea is that when it is in plain view every day, you will make a conscious effort to make sure those plans are put into action. So for me I have planned trips (planning to go to Ghana, Portugal and a destination I haven’t been before this year). I also plan to head my own department (maybe in Ghana, maybe here, maybe even somewhere like Dubai, we shall see, the world is my oyster and all that). I also plan to  be more active socially and I have a picture of a family which hopefully one day will come to pass. We are almost at the end of month 2 and actually I am not doing too badly.

The one thing that is actually boring me at the moment is dating actually dating is the easy part in comparison to the bit just before dating which for me is a frustration as I get older.

For example, I went out to a social last month, it was an event for young (ish) professionals and to be honest it wasn’t my intention to catch the attention of a guy (well not fully anyway). I am chatting to people when I meet this one guy. He’s not my type, he was a bit of a clown and he was short. Now I don’t have an issue with short guys but in my experience I always seem to meet those short guys who over compensate for their lack of height so we end up clashing.

So I am chatting with this guy and we end up talking most of the night, I went to speak to someone else, I turn around and he’s there again. So anyway, during the course of the conversation he asked for my number and says we should go out for a drink sometime. Now he asked for my number and he said we should go out for a drink sometime, he was also a bit flirty but while I wasn’t looking at the guy like I have found my life partner,  he to me came across as someone who is interested. He was almost 40, a Ghanaian born here, got his own house, own job, seemed responsible, strange sense of humour but if I was going to overlook his height I would have taken the humour in good faith.

So the next day he messages me, there is a bit of banter but we leave it at that. The next day I message him, just to say hi and well I’m 40 now I am not looking for the long drawn out process, let’s just see what the guy is saying. So I get my little flirt on, it’s been a while since a guy has asked my number and nothing to lose at this stage. Now I don’t know if I am that rusty or if this guy is just a dick but during the course of our conversation the guy says he asked for my number because he was just being friendly. In fact his exact phrasing was “#iwasjustbeingfriendly’. Yes folks, he hashtagged me. Now I am not being funny, but I barely have time for the friends I have and I am a friendly person, I really don’t need anyone to just be friendly with me, and furthermore what almost 40 year old hashtags a person. Is that what people do now?

The petty Betty in me wanted to tell Mr short man that he really didn’t have to ask for my number and to come back when he grew a couple more inches but I didn’t. Instead I said nothing and deleted his number. About hashtag??? What a nonsense.

Anyway, I still have a list of things to tick off of my vision board and it’s only the beginning of the year so there is still hope. Hahaha

So that’s all for today, until the next time.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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