Onward and Upwards

In a week from now I will join the ranks of the unemployed. I was thinking I would catch up on some TV, eat my feelings and just when I am about to turn borderline alcoholic, I will pull myself together and get serious about my next move.

It would have been nice to have somewhere to go after this gig. It almost happened, I went for an interview last week but after the second interview I was told that I was the ideal candidate BUT they doubted my ability to manage senior stakeholders. My first thought was, were they expecting me to be an aggressive Negro. Then I thought I have spent the last three years managing my crazy boss and making her look good when she clearly has no people skills and what happens they resign my post and promote hers.

I can’t however be something I am not. I think I get results without necessarily being a bitch (well most of the time) or being aggressive (except on certain days of the month), so if I came across too meek, then that’s not the job for me. The role interested me because it had links to Ghana but oh well, it’s not me, it’s them.

I was disappointed though, not really because I need the job. After all, I only need money for clothes, food, bills, a couple of holidays, but at least I have a roof over my head. No, the reason I would have liked to have had something before I left is because of the people around me.

Now I know they mean well and I appreciate all their thoughts and prayers don’t get me wrong but it is the same thing all the time. First there is the head tilt, and then the screwed up face, followed by an “aww, sorry” and then I get “don’t worry, you will find something soon”, “it’s just a matter of time”, “Gods time is the best”, “Nyame wo ho”. Then there is smother, always there with the support and the shoulder to cry on. Actually that’s a lie, what I get from her are gems of wisdom such as “are you looking”, “have you called the agency”, “what about the recruiter that got you this job, have you contacted him”. Like really what would I do without her to tell me the basics. I am surprised I am able to function at all without her showing me how to walk, talk and eat.

As the days get closer to the end, I actually find myself a little bit sad.  Not that I am leaving, I am quite excited for the next opportunity. I am sad to say goodbye to these guys. I know I have complained about them in the past (hey, nothing new there, I complain about all my colleagues). I’ve been with these ladies for almost three years, I have watched them grow, I have seen them through exams, motherhood, marriage and they are good peoples (well except crazy ex manager). Thankfully with Facebook, I get to keep in touch with those that I want to stay in touch with. I’ll also miss the makeup allowance and the 50% discount but hopefully the next salary can cover my new love for makeup (it’s a very expensive business).

So what’s next, who knows, but it’s been a blast. Onward and upwards.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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