Planning for Brexit

We experienced a big recession around 2007/2008. Smother blamed the labour party, I blamed the conservative party but as you know we don’t agree on much especially when it comes to politics.

We are going through a tough time once again and this time the blame lies with Mr David Cameron. In his quest for power he offered the British public the chance to leave Europe, what he didn’t believe was that they would turn around and do that. Now the country has basically come to a standstill, nobody wants to tie up their working capital, companies don’t know whether to stick around or move elsewhere, some companies have already yield to the pressure and collapsed. It is a trying time with a lot of people (me included) nervous that they will walk into their office to find out that there is no job.

The way I am feeling now, is the same way I was feeling 11 years ago. If I am going to suffer, why am I doing it here, in the cold, where everything is grey. At least in my country, I have the heat, everything is in colour, and of course good waakye. Furthermore, my eyes are wide open this time. I know the mistakes I made, I know what to expect, I know what is expected of me and I know where not to expect too much.

So what’s stopping me this time?

When I was in Ghana over the new year, I was in my happy place, but I also had enough money to fund my happy. In London I just find it difficult to be in the same happy place so there is something about Ghana even when it has frustrates me at times that makes me want go back. However, it has to be under better circumstances than when I left.

Last time, I just through caution to the wind. I was able to secure a 3 month’s leave of absence, throw in a bit of luck and I had a job. Also I didn’t mind that they gave me a tiny salary, I was just happy to be in Ghana and I believed the dick that told me that Ghana’s cost of living is much lower than UK.

When I started my career, I started from the bottom, I don’t regret that as I met some lovely people along the way, I learnt a lot and to be honest I don’t think I would have the patience and the drive to do what I do if I hadn’t laid that foundation. This time around, well this is the one thing I will not compromise on, not to sound cocky but I am good at what I do and to go back even a step would frustrate me and earn me my “difficult” reputation because well I would become difficult (I can’t help myself, I get my bossiness from smother).

Part of me just wants to get up and leave but unlike last time, I have responsibilities. I would need what my friend calls “F U money” because I know it won’t be as easy as last time, last time I was in a pool of players, now I am competing with this same pool for the top spot and while I have paid for the house, there is the little things like electricity, transportation and oh yeah food that I would have to consider. It’s funny how fearless you are when you are younger and even as a single person you are so much more cautious.

So what are the options. Ride this storm out.

Ride this storm out and pray an opportunity comes up.

Become a contractor this would allow me to go back and forth and see any opportunities whether it is as an employee or starting up my own business. I know Supply Chain and logistics is what I know but the question is what exactly.

Whatever the case, unlike my government, my Brexit requires proper planning and I won’t be leaving here without a deal.

About efiasworld

A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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