Monkey Business

I don’t really have the personal attachment to the British monarchy as others do, and I am all for live and let live. Prince Harry met and fell in love with a woman who has a drop of colour in her and good for him. I don’t get what all the hate is all about, but then again, I am busy trying to live my best life in the hopes that just one day, I may find my own prince.

I do feel though, the need to talk once again on the whole white privilege, it seems to consume some people to the point that it blinds them. I as much as anyone would like to believe that racism doesn’t exist, we all got along and that when I walk along the street somebody would like/dislike me for the person I am and not the colour of my skin, but as much as I try not to pay attention to it much, it exists and I have to deal with it.

So, a broadcaster by the name of Danny Baker tweeted a picture of two aristocrats holding a well- dressed chimpanzee with the caption “Royal baby leaving the hospital”. Unless you, live in a bubble or under a rock, then you would know that the biracial wife of the British Prince recently gave birth. Had it been the old days, this man may have been beheaded, however in modern day Britain, he got the sack.

For those of you who are thinking, what’s the big deal, this is my point of view. I am a child of the late 70s and early 80s. I have been called the N-word, I have been compared to a monkey, I have been asked if I like bananas. I have been to the zoo and been told “isn’t that your cousin over there”, this is as a child, and so yes, I am offended.

The next defence is that he apologised and deleted the tweet. No, he made a half-arsed apology, tried to make further jokes. Then moments after he was fired, his words were “I’ve literally been thrown under the bus”.  He only really “understood” what he had done once he was fired. Doesn’t sound like someone who realised what he had done and had any remorse. Sounds more like someone who after being fired tried to play the victim before then actually issuing a formal apology. Plus, no sir, you were not literally thrown under the bus.

He then went on to say, he didn’t realise that it was “that” baby, once again, unless you have been living in a bubble, or under a rock, you know, plus your job is in media, you know.

Then his defence was that royal babies are like a performing circus or something to that nature. Why had he not used that image when this new-born’s three other cousins were born not so long ago.

Supporters have defended him by saying that he has never said anything racist in the past. I don’t know what he says about anyone in the comfort of his home when there are no “blackie’s” around, and at the end of the day, this is a baby with a black grandmother, a mixed race mother and even if he has the tiniest drop of black in him, it’s there. The monkey image in relation to this child, at best it’s offensive, worst case, racist.

Now I live by the rule that you have every right to say whatever you want, just as I have every right to get offended by what you say if I deem it to be racist, sexist or just plain rude. What I don’t need you to do is tell me what I should or shouldn’t get offended by, or to be told to get over it. Either you apologise for your offence and keep it moving, if not just keep it moving. We don’t need excuses and we don’t need to be told how to feel. Thank you.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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