It was the night before christmas

It was approaching 10 and was at my spot waiting for my friend and we were about to head off to Bella Roma. It was the first time I’ve been there even though I’ve heard about the place a thousand times, but that night I was going for free so no excuse not to go. My cousin is a world renowned DJ and had a set between midnight and 2am so going there to support him, and the fact that I was part of his entourage helped. I’ve never been part of an entourage, I felt like I was rolling with P Diddy.

How did I get here. Well Christmas Eve was family time. My cousin lives off the spintex road and invited us for brunch. We were supposed to leave at 10 bit my mum had things to do at her site so had to wait for her before we could set off.

She got back at 10.30, having washed my car at 8.30 and home at 10 she wasn’t impressed that I was still getting ready when she arrived.

We set off at 11 thinking its a Saturday, the traffic wouldn’t be so bad. It took 20 minutes to get to the Spintex Road and then another 1 hour 30 minutes to get to the house, then I got lost en route which took another 5 minutes (it’s been a year since I last went to his house so lost my bearings).

Little sister was very happy, she and this cousin are very close, for me I was just content watching those Kardashian girls in New York on E!

We were there until about 6 and then it was off to God daddy for a quick drink before heading home. I got there and there were my two cousins from London. I have not seen them in years. D is two years older than me and when we were kids we were always together, it was so lovely to see him again, just like old times we parted from the group and when out for a drink and a chat. We caught up on about 5 years of what has been happening to each other and then went back into the house, his brother said he was DJ’ing that night at Bella Roma in Osu and so I thought well I’m up for that and got roped into being the dedicated driver.

Dropped the two ladies home and then called Paa Kojo to see if he was up for the night, free entry to the clubs the only thing he would have to do is be the designated driver. He agreed, we were set.

Got to Bella Roma a few seconds before 12. We walked in with my big brother, he said “there with me”, the bouncer at the door had a bit of an attitude so he had to go in and call the events manager to validate. I was allowed to follow (the perks of being a female). Big bro finds Giles and we go in.

Bella Roma was cool, a nice enough place, it wasn’t so packed that night as Kojo Antwi was holding a free concert in Osu so most people where there (although the traffic was a nightmare). There were a lot of couples there so thought to myself, I’m not getting any action. I sat with D and Paa at the table near the entrance of the place where Big bro’s friend was there with her kids drinking champagne (the girls couldn’t have been more than 15, couldn’t have imagined going clubbing with my mum at that age, but times have changed I guess).

After trying to sort out some technical issues with Big bro’s laptop, he started his set around 1 (we got there at 12 mind you and he was supposed to start at that time, but this is Ghana). He was really good. I have only heard about DJ Cartel from his facebook page, but to me, he was my brother Nickie. But I really enjoyed his set. I could see why he was making such a good living out of this profession.

He finished up around 3, where we headed off to Trantra which is not too far from Bella. Now this place was more like it. Set on two floors, it has that old school London club vibe. I being slightly tipsy by then started chatting to Giles and we had a little dance. Quite cute although wasn’t fussed about the twists in his hair. We had a little boogie and he bought me a few drinks, we exchange numbers. As he was hovering around working, I walked around a bit. I met another guy, he was here from London on holiday. Can’t remember his name but he was from Tottenham. We had a chat and I told him I was living here. He was trying to convince me to go back to London, I’m thinking slow down mate, I hardly even know you. We were chatting away when Giles walks by, see’s me and just stands and stares but does nothing. He then takes me by the hand and kisses me. Kind of cave man claiming his property. I was a bit flustered. What was this supposed to mean, I’m his girl or what? Its been a while since I met a guy in a club, can’t remember the etiquette after one meets a man and then you exchange numbers.

Well before Giles turned up I had exchanged numbers with Tottenham, but knew after that little picture he would not call again, and he hasn’t. Oh well.

A couple of brandy’s and two tequila shots later, DJ Cartel had finished his set, it was now 4.30 and we headed home. After dropping my cousins home, Paa Kojo dropped me at mine where he picked up his car and left.

Got into bed shortly before 5 and woke up at 8.30 when I finally heard the alarm which had been going off for the past 2 hours. Mass was at 8.30 so yes smother was annoyed with me as she didn’t want to take a taxi and go by herself and little sister. I open my eyes, I could feel that the tequila was still in my blood but I could see clearly. That’s because I had slept with my contacts in. I change out of my clubbing clothes where I hadn’t bothered to change when I got in and just fell into bed.

I check my phone. One message, from Giles asking him to call him when I get home. I smile, text him to say sorry but I fell asleep. Then I go and spend the remainder of the Christmas day with the family.

It was a good night.

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A British Born Ghanaian navigating her way through life.
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