Workshop day 4

I have to admire the fact that mum has been here for 4 months now and everyday she becomes even more British than the queen. Somebody was supposed to pick her up this morning, they said they will be here by 7. At 7.30 as I left the house she asked if I would drop her off. I’m sure the person was just setting off at 7, don’t know why she got up so early in the first place. I hope she gets the drift soon, she says she will be here for at least another 2 months so she better practise patience. She also asked me what I’m doing for her wedding anniverary. I warned her first that what I say may sound rude but e be me I marry um. Was it me who married her for those who didn’t get that. She pulled out the giving birth to me card. I told her I wasn’t there at the conception though either, next. Why do parents always play the “I gave birth to you” card. Like I was sitting in the birthing pool saying “its my turn, please pick me”. I watched some Nigerian movie where the mother came out with that, she was interfering in his marriage or something and her son responded “thanks, and you did very well, but your job is done, you can retire now. I laughed. I know you never stop caring, it’s a two way street, but don’t play said card when you don’t get your own way for every instance, it starts to get old. Especially when it comes to your marriage. That one should have nothing to do with me, I wasn’t there at the time so don’t ask me to jump in now.

We are at the beginning of day 4 of the workshop. Man child boss had a wig out over the participation of “his team” or lack there of at the workshop. I only got the tail end of it, and chose to close my ears anyway. It is way too early in the morning for such a discussion. The unfortunate thing is firstly, we are still in the vicinity of the office as such our businesses expect that if they need information they should receive it. Secondly, the aside discussions go on for too long, mainly instigated by man child boss who just gives off the vibe that he has something to prove. The smug git makes some oddball comments and then starts laughing which starts all kinds of discussions and then before you know it, people have taken what he has said personal, then as human beings do, try to defend their point and the conversation goes off point and it takes another hour to bring it back. Hence, what should be a one hour training ends up a three hour sleep fest for those not privy to the conversation. We have a whole session on Friday for these issues, so why interrupt the training session when there is an agenda to stick to. Man child boss can afford to be in the office all night, no girlfriend, no friends, just him, his hand and his laptop, but some of us cannot, furthermore, well for me anyway (and those who also left early), the brain stops functioning after a certain period its like putting a square peg in a round hole, it just won’t go in. Especially if deprived from food for too long.

Its just got that point where even if he breathes he gets on my nerves. Still having got over the poison comment. My problem is I take things to heart especially when something is said without explanation. If you tell me you dislike me because of x, y, z then I can either deal with it or make steps to change your perception of me. If you start to say something which is rather a scathing attack on a persons character and you don’t continue, or take the person aside and tell them this is why I said what I said, well that’s just plain cowardly. You start something, you finish it or you don’t say anything at all. As you are well aware I have an opinion about a lot of people. Some things I say, when I have facts to back it up, others I don’t bother, it is not worth the hassle and the friction. At the moment he has just made a general moan, and the people he was complaining about were not actually in the room, he also went quiet when I came into the room. Which leads me to believe that he was just doing what he does best, making complaints behind peoples backs.

You’re the manager, manage!

Following on from yesterday, I didn’t have the energy for the cashier today. Going to speak to her would be like self-harm. She would probably tell me that she doesn’t have money on her which would get me mad seeing as I requested the money yesterday.

As she love a man, I sent my male colleague to get the money. Within seconds he shows up with twenty five hundred ghs. Which got me thinking. I did not tell her someone was going to collect the money on my behalf, my name was on the form and without question she passes over the money. Imagine if this guy was a dishonest man, I have printed the document, and left it on my desk, he picks it up and goes to cash in. Well I tell you, she would be liable for the mistake, silly girl. The evil part of me is wishing she would make that mistake. Nonsense girl.

People are now shifting around in their chairs and walking around the room. The facilitator has been going on for 2 hours straight and as much as they are interested in the topic, need a 5 minute stretch. But this is demand and supply and we don’t look at little things like people’s welfare, not unless there is something in the best practise and there is a process to follow.

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